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Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette: Review And Swatches

Today I'll review a neutral palette from Pixi for you.

I bought this palette during my trip to US in the summer 2013, so I've been using it since then. I think I bought it in Target. When I thought of Pixi as the brand itself, knowing it is sort of a more expensive drugstore makeup, I didn't expect anything over the top from this palette in terms of quality. However, I've been interested in trying something from that brand for a long time and when I saw this palette in one of the drugstores in San Francisco it instantly appealed to me and I decided to buy it. I must say I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I'm enjoying this palette.

This palette is available online from the Pixi site here (if you're in UK or Europe) or here (if you're in the US). The cost is 18 GBP/$28.

Here are the pictures of the palette and the swatches.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette


Nothing super-fancy here. The packaging of the palette is a typical Pixi style, very girly, maybe even slightly teen-age-y. It has little pixies printed on the transparent top plastic lid. The palette looks very compact and quite sturdy. Even though it is plastic it shuts nicely with a click and is just overall well-made. The eye-shadows are in the top pan and the base colors are in the second drawer that also pulls out and in nicely. It makes a good palette for travelling.

The Palette

Now on to the palette itself. The palette consists of 16 shimmery shades + 2 eye shadow base colors. Ok, it is official that all the shades are shimmery but in real life one of the shades has sort of a satin finish with such subtle shimmer that it almost appears matte on the lids, so you could count it as a matte one just for a relief if your soul still desires some mattes. Also one of the 2 base colors is also matte, completely, and the other one is shimmery, so you could say the palette has 2 mattes (1 being almost undetectably satin).

This is how the shadows look from 2 different angles to better see the colors.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette (eye shadows)

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette (eye shadows)

Here are the swatches of the eye shadows. They don't have the names so I swatched them as they appear in the palette.

The pictures don't do enough justice (too bright direct lightning, I think) as the colors are beautiful and surprisingly well-pigmented. The are also consistently pigmented.

I'll start by saying that this is an all-shimmer-shades palette as the name implies, so if you are a matte lover or are looking for a variety of finishes in a palette this is definitely NOT for you, but if you love your shimmers just like me, you'll most likely find it to be a lovely little palette.

The selection of colors is very nice. This is what I call "not boring" interesting neutrals. They are not just your plane beiges and browns. Each color has a character and its distinctive hue. It has campaign-butter-type colors, light beiges and bronzy shades, rose-golds, taupes, a lilac and a peach shade, browns, greenish brown, deep-browns, burgundies, plumish/purple-ish shades. The spectrum ranges from very light colors good for highlighting to medium to very dark ones for a liner and a smoky eye. I also feel like a lot of the shades, especially mid-tones are beautiful enough in themselves to make a pretty one eye shadow look. In this sense I feel like this palette is complete enough in case you don't feel intimidated by wearing all shimmery shades. By the way, the shimmer in these shades is not too shimmery if I can say so. It looks beautiful and very wearable on the eyes. I've seen much heavier disco-ball shimmers. These aren't like this. These are very wearable and pretty even in an all shimmery look. So with that being said the variety here is endless.

Here are the base colors and their swatches.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Palette (base colors)

The shimmery base isn't as shimmery as it appears on the swatch (the light just hit it in this picture) and the matte base is just similar to my skin tone and therefore doesn't show up as well in the picture as it does in reality.

A few more things to note about this palette: you can wear these shadows wet or dry (but I think you can do this with any eye shadows nowadays really), they are a little powdery (or maybe I'm just spoiled with super-pigmented, super-creamy and smooth textures like theBalm shadows) but they don't produce much fallout if you tap off the excess, maybe just a tiny bit but nothing you can't live with at all. They are buildable and easy to blend. They wear ok but do fade a little after about half or two-thirds of the day without a primer, but a good primer does help the staying power. Overall, a pretty decent quality. I'm totally enjoying this palette.

My rating by category (out of 10, 10 being the highest score):

  • versatility - 9 (only because it doesn't have mattes, but it's a 10 for a shimmer lover)
  • product quality (pigmentation, blendability, staying power etc.) - 8
  • packaging - 9
  • travel-friendliness - 9 (only because it doesn't have a mirror, which can be essential for some people in a travel palette)
Hope, this review was useful. Thank you for taking your time. I really appreciate it.

Disclaimer: all these products were purchased by me and I wasn't paid for a review.

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