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Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Palette: Review And Swatches

This was one of those holiday palettes I really longed for. It was already unavailable anywhere when I got it from Amazon, super overpriced, of course. It used to be available at Sephora but sold out really quickly. Anyway, let's get straight to beauty business.

The set includes:
  • A Few of My Favorite Things palette
  • A How-To Glamour Guide with 4 different looks inside the palette
  • A Lip Injection Color Bomb! in Bee Sting
  • A Better Than Sex Mascara
  • A clutch/makeup bag that holds all these products

One small note here. I didn't get the mascara for some reason, instead I got 2 Lip Injections and never got my mascara. Apparently the seller wasn't very thoughtful of her customers, but that's a different story. Anyway, I can't review the mascara as I don't have it.

Here are a few pictures of the products from different angles in daylight (it was a cloudy day though). Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but at this point I'm just using what I have to take them so hopefully having those pictures is better than no pictures at all.

A Few of My Favorite Things Set from Too Faced

Lip Injection Color Bomb! in Bee Sting

A Few of My Favorite Things Eye Shadow And Face Palette

A Few of My Favorite Things Eye Shadow And Face Palette


I'll start with the packaging. I think it is beautiful. The clutch is very well-made and the colors are super pretty. I can see myself actually using it as a clutch in the summer or as a makeup bag.

The packaging of the palette itself is a typical palette-type cardboard but very sturdy and easy to clean. Reminds me of a book when closed. It has a magnetic closure and a plastic divider inside the palette to keep the face products from messing up with the eye shadows.

I really like the packaging for how compact it is. There are so many full-sized products in it and yet it is so thin and sleek and travel-friendly. As to the aesthetic aspect of it, the print is the same as on the clutch with pink and gold zigzag stripes. All cuteness. Just great job, Too Faced! The names of the shades are really cute too, they just put a Christmas smile on your face as you use them :).

One thing I do lack in the palette is a mirror, but I understand that there was very little space there considering the number of products included. However, I think that even a small mirror in the pocket where the booklet is, maybe right behind the booklet, would satisfy those who need a mirror. I know I would definitely appreciate it. Nevertheless, I think the packaging is gorgeous.

The Palette

Now to the palette itself. It contains 20 eye shadows, 2 blushes and 2 bronzers. Here are a few closer looks and swatches.

First 2 rows as they appear in the palette:
Snowflakes, Whiskers on Kittens, Chocolate Milk, Moon on Their Wings, Dark Chocolate, Cream Colored Ponies, Honey Honey, Buche de Noel, Evergreen, Blue Satin Sashes

Second 2 rows as they appear in the palette:
Coquet, Taffy, Crisp Apple Strudel, Woolen Mittens, Soiree, Tinsel, Bluff, Ooh la Orchid, Party Time, Pure Glam

Face products as they appear in the palette:
Raindrops on Roses, Chocolate Soleil, Melt into Spring, Sun Bunny

The first thing that struck me is the selection of colors which are ALL absolutely gorgeous. It is such a rare thing when I like every single shade in the palette and this time it is the case. You've got a great number of neutrals here as well as some dark shades for a smokey look and some very beautiful unique jewel-toned colors, which are bright enough for color lovers but yet all wearable. It's got everything for a neutral girl and for a color-loving girl or for such a girl like me who just wants it all in a palette :).

The eye-shadows offer a variety of finishes:
  • there are 5 completely matte basic shades, that allow you to create a complete neutral matte look, plus 1 kind of semi-matte shade (Taffy - very beautiful), which could easily be used as a matte shade or along the side of the matte shades. There are some great blending colors in this group as well. The only matte shade that wasn't as pigmented as it looks in the palette is Ooh la Orchid. You have to build it up quite a bit to get the desired intensity.
  • there are 8 metallic/pearly shades
  • 4 shades that look matte but with very tiny sparkles 
  • and 2 straight glittery shades (Moon on Their Wings and Party Time), which are absolutely gorgeous, but a bit flaky and can produce some fall-out. Nothing you can't work around with a good primer and by tapping of the excess and generally using a light hand. 
Seriously, what more could you ask for in terms of finishes? It's amazing! In terms of pigmentation, overall it is quite good with the exception of 1 shade that is not as vivid (Ooh la Orchid) and glittery shades that are just a bit flaky but still very beautiful. The shadows blend easily. In terms of staying power, it is good, but without a primer they do fade a little by the end of the day. But again nothing you can't fix with a good primer.

By the way, the booklet with the looks is quite nice too. I've tried 3 of the 4 looks suggested and they all turned out really beautiful, which I didn't expect (I don't usually follow those things), since I just tried it mostly out of interest to find out if they're helpful at all or not. I was pleasantly surprised.

The face products are also very smartly selected providing 1 matte and 1 shimmery blush, as well as 1 matte and 1 two-toned shimmery bronzer. All of these are amazing in color, pigmentation, finish and staying power.

Lip Product

Now comes the hard part. I was really disappointed with the lip product. I saw in different reviews that it stings and that for many people it causes such a reaction that they just can't wear it, and I honestly thought that those people were just... mmm... beauty snobs, let's put it that way... I was determined to make it work for me and love it because I liked the color (very nice universally pretty peachy-nude color that would suit most people), so I tried it.

Lip Injection Color Bomb! in Bee Sting

I cannot even explain to you what a horrible allergic reaction it caused me. I had never had such a reaction to any beauty product in my whole life. My lips started stinging and then literally hurting in just a few minutes, the color was very soon gone and instead I had incredibly swollen dark-pink hot (I mean the temperature here) lips that looked horrific and hurt so badly I could hardly move them and talk. I thought it should have gone away in a while but it remained like this all the time I could hold it on my lips (about 30-40 mins) and about 1+ more hour after I removed the product not wanting to suffer any more. It was a total shock to me.

A bit later still determined to somehow make it work for me I tried it over a lip balm in a very light application. It was ok, still stinging a bit but easily bearable, although because of the light application the color was almost undetectable, so I'm not a fan of this product at all. In fact, I don't know who can handle wearing it.

Can't talk about the mascara as I didn't get it, but heard very different reviews about it: some really loved it and raved about it and some didn't really find it to be anything special.


Overall, I'm in love with this palette. It has a little bit of everything for everybody. I feel like there was a lot of love a thought put into creating this palette. I don't care much about the lip product and mascara, although I really wanted to try the mascara, but the palette itself was totally worth getting, so if anyone still has a chance to somehow get a hold of it I would totally recommend it.

My rating by category (out of 10, 10 being the highest score):

  • versatility - 10
  • product quality (pigmentation, blendability, staying power etc.) - 8
  • packaging - 10
  • travel-friendliness - 9 (only because for some people it might be too big in perimeter to travel with, but as for me, it is still 10 :) ).
Thank you for reading till the end of this post. Have a great day and try to focus on the beautiful things you observe.

Disclaimer: all these products were purchased by me and I wasn't paid for a review.

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