Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In the Beginning of Chanel Collection Were...

...just 4 products but very lovely ones. I only recently tried Chanel makeup for the very first time, maybe a couple of months ago. I've heard so much rave about it as well as criticism that I thought I should try it and make my own conclusions. Besides, it just feels so good being able to treat yourself with such luxury makeup items once in a while that I just couldn't resist :).

I only have a few items but just wanted to show them to you as a teaser for upcoming reviews. The very first thing I got from Chanel was a limited edition eye-shadow palette in Charming from the Christmas 2013 collection. It was a gift from my parents on my birthday. I'll be honest, I just fell head over heels for it when I finally got it, that's how much I wanted it. The other 3 items I got myself at the Chanel counter in my city, Lviv. The prices are ridiculous for Chanel here, it almost makes me sick, but at least I was able to see what I was getting and swatch it making sure it was the right color before spending this huge amount of money. So, I got a Le Volume de Chanel mascara in black, their limited edition cream eye-shadow (illusion d'Ombre) in #92 Diapason and a Rouge Allure lipstick in ... um... don't remeber... hahaha, OMG, sorry about that, I just don't have that lipstick with me while I'm writing this post. I'll update it a bit later with the color. #88 Evanescente.

My small Chanel collection

My small Chanel collection (closer look)

Please, forgive the quality of the pictures, they were made in artificial light in the evening, but I'm only posting them so that you'll get an idea about the products, not necessarily the exact colors. I'll have better pictures and swatches of each of the product in individual upcoming reviews.

Just a couple of final words about the products. I'm loving all of these and am very happy I got them, they're beautiful. Are they worth the money they cost? I don't know about that, it only depends on how much money you have and are willing to spend on makeup, so only you can answer this question for yourself, but if you have the money and want to spend on some luxury makeup items Chanel will definitely deliver the luxury factor to you along with good quality, at least in the products I mentioned.

Thank you for reading this post and keep checking out my blog for upcoming reviews of these products.

Disclaimer: all these products were purchased by me and I wasn't paid for a review.

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