Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Real Techniques Modern Natural And Night Owl Makeup Kits: Review And Swatches

Today's review is one I'm really excited about. It's for Real Techniques LE palettes: the Modern Natural and the Night Owl Makeup Kits. They're both still available at their site here and here for $25 with worldwide shipping. I got mine the very first second I got an email notification about the launch and followed the link to make a purchase. I love their brushes, so I was sure these palettes should be something good.

So, on to the review.

The palettes came beautifully packaged with a bonus brush for gel eye-liner, so since I got 2 palettes I've received 2 of these brushes. I actually really like these brushes, they work really well with the gel liners, not too stiff and not too soft, just perfect. Love them. A thank-you-for-your-order card was also included, which I thought was really sweet and nice )).


The packaging of both palettes is the same and this is probably the weakest point of these palettes for me. It's made of really cheap cardboard and is very bulky, could be much more compact. There is no mirror but a thin transparent plastic lid that, if pushed on slightly uncarefully, could ruin the products inside, so for me because of all this it is a great candidate for depotting in your empty Z-palette, if you have one, or any other empty palette really.

Also the positioning of products is not the best. The cream products are mixed in between powder products, which is never a good idea, and is a risk factor for creating a cream-powder mess in the palette.

It also doesn't have the names of the colors anywhere on the palette, which I hate, when companies do. So, to be honest I can't say anything good about the packaging. I don't like it.

However, I do want to share a thought that I assume Pixiwoo had in mind when going for this type of package. I think they saved on it to keep the price low, because if you think of what you're getting in one palette for $25, it's pretty neat. It's got:
  • 4 eye-shadows
  • 1 gel eye-liner
  • 1 powder blush
  • 1 cream highlighter
  • 2 lip glosses
So, I think the price is fair enough for what you get, but I do have to say that I'd rather pay extra $10 per palette but get a decent packaging. Even if it is cardboard, let it be something like theBalm does (super compact, cute, sleek and yet sturdy, almost always with a mirror). But this packaging is really lowering the value and spoiling the impression about the palettes in my opinion.

Modern Natural Makeupkit

Modern Natural Makeupkit

This palette as the name implies is for creating a daytime look. I have to say, I love the colors in it. They're beautiful and universally flattering for everybody.

Modern Natural Makeupkit: names of colors

This is the best product in this palette and is definitely a hit of it. The formula is incredible and reminds some high-end brands: super-creamy, smooth, blendable, incredibly pigmented, non-powdery or chalky, simply amazing. I'd buy the palette just for the shadows alone. They're perfect. One small thing though, they do crease a little bit without a primer (btw, I don't have oily lids), but with a primer, they're just perfect.

Modern Natural Makeupkit: swatches

Gel Eye-liner
The gel eye-liner is ok, it's not great, but not bad also. It is not as dark as it looks in the pan and is a bit hard. Also it doesn't set to a non-budge state. To be honest I'd rather have a one more really dark eye-shadow, because it can simply be used as a liner too but the formula is just really good. Considering it is not covered with anything I'm not sure how long it will last and weather it will dry out or not. Anyway, it can work for daytime.

Blush is very light and isn't too pigmented, you have to build it up quite a bit, but the color is nice, a very neutral wearable pink. It works well for my very fair complexion but for darker skin tones it'll definitely be too light.

This is another great plus of this palette. I love this highlighter. It has the perfect shade: not too light, cool and frosty, and not too dark and yellow, just the perfect campaign color. And because it's cream it blends into the skin like a dream. Love it.

Lip Glosses
This is my least favorite part of the palette. These glosses have no color, they're just clear, but they feel nice on the lips, not sticky at all and not drying too. They have a sweet vanilla scent to them, which isn't irritating. They do feel comfortable on the lips, but it's such a shame they have no color pay-off. For this reason they're my least favorites.

Below is the look I created using this palette.

I'm pretty happy with the look, but the lips do look like they're lacking color (I used the Nectar lip gloss but it shows up clear on my lips) and therefore look not completed as if my makeup isn't finished. I'd also like a bit more definition at the roots of the lashes, but I'd need a darker color for that and the liner isn't intense enough for me for that purpose, but it's ok. Overall, though, I do like the finished look. My favorite shade of all in this palette is Nightshade, the gorgeous taupe color. It is GORGEOUS.

Night Owl Makeupkit

Most things written about the first palette pertain to this one as well except for a few that I'll note below. In terms of product quality they're the same, the slight differences are in pigmentation though.

Night Owl Makeupkit

Night Owl Makeupkit: names of colors

Here are the main differences between those palettes:
  • The eye-liner is black, not super black but dark enough for definition unlike the brown one in the first palette, which is a definite plus.
  • The blush is a bit more pigmented as well. It is tad bit darker and shows up more on the skin, which is another plus.
  • Lip glosses are definitely more pigmented, especially the dark red one (Cabernet). It reeeeally shows some color. Check out my look below to see it. The other one (Nude Rose) is very sheer but does show some color unlike the glosses in the first palette.

Night Owl Makeupkit: swatches

So overall, I feel like this palette is more pigmented and I do love the colors in it. It is really great for a night out. Check out the look I created using it. I like it. I think it turned out really nice. You could do a more dramatic eye with this palette obviously.

Things I'd change in those palettes to make them perfect:

  • Make a better quality and a more compact packaging, even if it means a slightly higher price for the palettes
  • Get rid of the gel liners and instead add another eye-shadow (a darker one, maybe even black or a super-dark plum to the Modern Natural palette, and a neutral mid-tone color to the Night Owl palette or a black one as the liner but in a powder form)
  • Get rid of lip glosses altogether, or make them much much more pigmented. I'd actually rather get rid of them because they are reeeeeeally tiny anyway.
  • Make blushes a bit more pigmented

I know it may seem like a very critical review, but I just gave my honest opinion, and actually I feel like I still like these palettes and don't regret the purchase at all. I do enjoy using them. Plus, for the price, I think the eye-shadows alone are worth buying. I think that Sam and Nic did great with this first try, at least with the eye-shadows they definitely nailed it down with the formula, and the highlighter is awesome too.

Rating by category (out of 10, 10 being the highest score):

  • versatility - 9
  • product quality - 8
  • packaging - 6
  • travel-friendliness - 6
Thank you for reading. Hope this review was helpful.

Disclaimer: all these products were purchased by me and I wasn't paid for a review.