Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 88 Evanescente: Review And Swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in No.88 Evanescente

Hi, today I want to finally post a review on the last product from this post. It's the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in No.88 Evanescente. I think it's the perfect nude (perfect combo of pink and beige undertones for me) that actually looks almost exactly like my own lips with a very natural creamy finish, nothing too shiny or matte, just perfect creamy natural finish. This is the kind of color you don't have to think about if you want to just put something on your lips and look nice and natural regardless of what you have going on your eyes, brows or face, so something I will definitely get a lot of use out of. It's quite richly pigmented and feels nice on the lips. It stays on for quite a while too, but it is hard to notice if it is so close to your natural lip color. I do like the formula: it's a perfect classic creamy lipstick formula. It doesn't have any detectable smell that I can feel, maybe just a tiniest bit but nothing bad at all, so it's perfect for those of you who are allergic to fragrances.

See the swatches and how it looks on my lips below.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in No.88 Evanescente: swatch

And here is how it looks with a whole face of makeup. By the way, in these looks I'm using all Chanel products, which I mentioned in that initial post here, except that on the left I'm wearing the eye-shadow palette and on the right a cream eye-shadow.

Makeup using Chanel products (Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in No.88 Evanescente on my lips both on the right and on the left)

Overall, I think that it's a really great lipstick: great quality in a great packaging. This color is also very beautiful, very sophisticated, I think, because it will not overpower anything in your looks but just gently enhance what you have. It's expensive - true, but it's Chanel, so no sense to complain about the price: if you can't get it, it's understood, but if you can and want to try a beautiful luxury lipstick, I'd say go for it.

What do you think about this lipstick? Have you tried any of the Chanel lipstick? Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading, darlings. I hope you are having a great day. If you're not, make a choice to have one :), because it is YOU who chooses whether to be happy or not. Choose joy today :)!

Disclaimer: all these products were purchased by me and I wasn't paid for a review.

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  1. i agree this is a lovely lipstick; great nude color which will go with any looks, the consistency is so luxurious and feels nourishing on your lips and last but no means least, the chic Chanel packaging is a joy to bring from your handbag. I would really encourage you spending a little extra and investing in this product. Oh and it lasts for ages as well - a must and i will certainly purchase again and again ...........