Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makeup for A TV Interview

My makeup for a TV interview

A few days ago I was asked to give an interview about my dearest friend, Bria Blessing, who was a contestant for a vocal TV show "The Voice" in Ukraine. The guy shooting an episode about Bria wanted to interview a few of her friends, who had known her the longest, so I (being honored to be considered one of them) was asked to share a few words about her.

Without any further details of the interview, I just wanted to share the makeup look I did for this. Since it will be shown on TV, I was extra conscious about what I wanted to put on my face to look good on camera. We all know that TV cameras can be very cruel and have no mercy when it comes to showing all our flaws. So I wanted to just talk you through what I decided to wear and why.

First of all, I'll say this. I'm not going to list the products I used, because the final makeup was actually on top of a different basic makeup look I already had and had worn to work that day. So I can't exactly remember what kind of products I used at first and which ones later on, plus listing them would probably be overwhelming and not give you a valid idea on how to recreate the look.

My makeup for a TV interview

I just want to focus on an idea behind the look. So here are some tips and the things I went for in my makeup:
  1. A good face structure, because the camera can wash you out quite a bit, especially with direct lighting right into your face. And since I'm so pale I really needed to re-define my face structure by contouring, which I rarely do on a daily basis. So first tip is to definitely contour, at least your cheekbones, hairline, jaw line and nose. It may look a bit too much for everyday life, but on camera it'll be just perfect :).
  2. Perfect coverage with mostly matte or semi-matte finish on the face. In my daily life I do prefer a slightly dewy naturally hydrated looking skin, because I have really dry skin. But on camera any kind of "dewiness" or reflective textures may have flashbacks or simply look oily, so this time I skipped highlighter and cream blush. I focused on contouring and powder face products. Also I wanted my skin to look flawless, so I obviously have more coverage here than usual.
  3. Defined brows. I cannot stress this enough. The brows frame the face, especially on camera this extra definition will be much needed. If you skip your brows in everyday life, please, make sure to define them at least a little bit to give them shape. It will instantly make your face look pulled together and groomed.
  4. Nicely defined eyes. A smokey eye was my personal preference in this look, but even if you don't do a smokey eye, make sure you do define your eyes in some way more than you usually do. Don't forget to curl your lashes and coat them generously with mascara. Even if you're doing a very simple eye, don't forget these 2 steps.
  5. Naturally defined lips. I didn't want to go for anything dramatic since the eyes were already quite strong, but I wanted to have my lips in a natural maybe slightly deeper than natural color. I would suggest to avoid going for super nude lips, especially if you are very pale. This will just make your lips disappear on the camera and make you look a little deadly or sickly pale. So you can either play them up by using a strong bright or deep color (with a simple eye to balance out the look) or use a "your-lips-but-better" type color.
So, overall, the whole look should be about re-enforcing the structure and definition in your face by adding a bit more contrast to your features than usual.

I actually, got a compliment from the guy filming this interview right when he met me. He said, "By the way, you look very nice", which was... nice of him :). I guess it's a good sign :).

Anyway, hope you liked the look and found those 5 tips helpful. Please, share your thoughts on it, or any thoughts really, in the comments. As always, thank you for reading.

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