Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!


  1. Hope you had a great day! Do you do anything in particular to celebrate your independence day?

    Corinne x

    1. Hi, Corinne! Thank you for stopping by. Oh yes, there is usually so much fun stuff going on in the city on Independence Day. You just have to get outside and it'll be easy to find what to do :). A lot of people are wearing "vyshyvankas" ("vyshyvanka" is part of a Ukrainian national costume, it's a shirt in a loose style embroidered with national prints, very beautiful) and there's either a concert or an entertaining program or something else fun going on everywhere both for kids and for adults. In Lviv there was a concert of one of the most popular bands in Ukraine, Okean Elzy. It was on a stadium and it gathered a huge number of people, and from what I've heard it was beyond amazing. Also the day before it my friend, who is a super talented singer, Bria Blessing, gave a concert too. So these days were fun. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate in any of these events, since most of my family was sick and I had to stay home and look after them. But I hope to catch up on all the fun next year :).