Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stand the Heat Beautifully (Part 1): Heat Friendly Accessories

Hi guys! Before I move on to the post, I want to give a quick update. I'm sorry for not posting for soooo long: it has been a tough month in terms of work and other things I had to do with my kids in this past few weeks. Right now I'm on vacation though and hope to get back on track with my posting. Just for the note, I do try to post at least once a week, but usually I'd post more (2 or 3 posts if I'm feeling super energized with a lot of extra time), however I committed to posting minimum 1 post per week, so now you know what to expect from me :).

Ok. Today I'm starting a series of posts on how to remain beautiful during unbearable heat - Stand the Heat Beautifully. There are a few reasons for it:
1. It's summertime (really? doh... lol)
2. I'm on vacation and enjoying it (yay!)
3. The heat in here is unbearable now, almost to the point that it is making people sick.

So, how do you survive in that kind of heat and do it in a graceful way? Let's talk about accessories today. Well, when it's hot and you feel sweaty and sticky, the last thing you want to think about is putting anything on your neck or wrists to make yourself even more sweaty and hot. But... if you're like me, you can't live without accessories at all. And I have a trick for you.

What's the one type of accessory that isn't really touching your body much and causing you to be even more hot but yet creates a statement enough to make you feel pulled together and like a girl?


Yes, my darlings, earrings are the way out for us. They don't touch your neck or wrists or anywhere else, so they can't make you more hot. Yet you can totally wear them instead of a necklace when you want to add some interest around your face, especially during those super hot days when you put your hair up or dream to get rid of it altogether. In fact, they can make even more statement than a necklace sometimes. It can be a loud or a very soft statement, whatever your heart desires. It can also help you elongate your face if the shape of the earrings is right.

Below are a few earrings from my collection that I love for that purpose and wear a lot right now.

Summer friendly statement earrings

These are the larger statement earrings. However, if you prefer smaller more delicate earrings, don't think that they cannot make a statement. They absolutely can. Check those out below.

Small statement earrings

Summer is a fun time and it's time to wear fun edgy earrings even if you don't tend to do it during the rest of the year. Have fun with your earrings and make your beautiful statement even in the heat :).

Thank you for reading. I hope this post was inspiring to some of you. Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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