Monday, August 18, 2014

Stand the Heat Beautifully (Part 2): Going to the Beach

Beach look
This is a continuation of my little Stand the Heat Beautifully series. You can read the 1st part of it here.

There are still a few summer days left to enjoy the sun and water at the swimming pool or beach. This post is just my idea of a perfect beach outfit.

When it's hot and I dream about the only thing, that is to immerse myself in the water, I always try to wear as little clothes as possible not to turn into a hot mess, so a light beach dress is what I'm going for. It's a one-piece thing, it's super light and airy, and it's easy to put on and take off. You can also put it over your swimsuit, which is a great bonus for a beach. Since it's not very short (knee length) and is loose-fitting, it looks appropriate in the city in hot days too. I'm also in love with the colors and the print on this particular dress.

When I'm off to the beach or swimming pool I don't really care about wearing sandals and carrying my flip-flops for the beach additionally, so I always just wear flip-flops. And I can always wash the sand off of them at home.

A cute hat and sunglasses are a must to protect yourself from overheating.

I also like to take something to cover my shoulders on my way home or whenever I feel like I got too much sun, so I take my light white scarf.

To fully enjoy yourself you definitely need to have a cute swimsuit, in which you are not only comfortable, but also look great and love. This one with geometric black and white print and pops of colorful neon beads is hard not to like. I love it and it won't go out of fashion too fast since it's quite simple but not boring.

Now just grab your beach bag with your towel and whatever else you might need and enjoy the sun. Don't forget your SPF! It is crucial!

Just to summarize, I'd like to point out that the key pieces here, that I think, make the whole outfit are the swimsuit and the dress. If you find the ones you love, consider yourself having won the jackpot, because I find that finding your perfect swimsuit and beach dress can be quite challenging (or maybe I'm just very picky :) ), whereas beach accessories, like hat, sunglasses, beach bag etc., are everywhere and are much easier to find and complete the look.

I hope you have been enjoying your summer, because if not, you better start to since there's not much left of it :). Hope you found this post helpful. Please, share what your go-to beach outfits are in the comments.

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