Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Photo of the Weekend: Painting - Part 3. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Night

Hi guys! Who would have guessed I'd go to another master class in painting so soon, ha? Well, I really wanted to paint some Christmas-y or New Year's eve themed painting and I wanted to do it before the actual New Year and Christmas so that I could hang it somewhere at home for holidays.

I really wanted to capture this atmosphere of holidays in the air: the quiet joy and peace of a Christmas starry night with all the holiday lights decorating the homes and Christmas trees, and all families gathered together at home to celebrate this glorious day. I really like how the stillness of the winter frosty weather and the absence of wind echoes that warm quiet yet joyful feeling. I also like how the church is in the center of the composition here reminding us that Christmas is all about Christ and His birth, and there are lights on at church, which means that its doors are always open to anyone anytime, especially on Christmas. I like it that in this picture there is a lot to look at and to watch and really think and meditate on, and that even though it is winter, you get a warm cozy feeling when looking at it.

That's exactly what I wanted in my painting, so when I found the illustration for it I knew I had to paint it. It was perfect. However, I didn't expect I'd be able to do it in just 4 hours, and I wasn't sure I'd cope, because it is the most complicated painting of all I've done so far. But I'm happy I was brave enough to try, because I enjoyed painting it so-so-so much and I do like the end result, even though it's not perfect and not nearly as amazing looking as the original. I still like it though.

Below is a short story in photos of how it came to realization. Hope you enjoy it :).

"I'm not really sure if I can make it, but I have to try. Where do I start from now?"

Yaaay! I did it!

It's drying now and waiting to go home :)

I hope you are having a great day and preparation for the holidays. I hope that in all the rush and stress of trying to complete many things you are actually enjoying your Christmas and New Year holidays period. Happy holidays!

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