Monday, June 22, 2015

Ridiculously Simple Trick on How To Store/Sort Your Makeup Brushes

How to Store/Sort Makeup Brushes

Have you ever had times in the morning when you are late already, yet you are frantically trying to find this tiny liner or whichever other small brush amongst your other bigger brushes that are all stuffed in one jar together just to finish your makeup, and you just can't find it, which, of course, drives you mad and you're almost hating and cursing the brush? No? Then lucky you. If yes, then welcome to the normal women club :).

I've had those moments. Finally, one of them made me rethink how I store my brushes. I am pretty sure that the TIP I'm going to share now is not even a TIP but the most obvious thing on earth to do with your brushes if you have more than ... like 3 brushes... but you know there will always be such idiots like me who would have to try all the wrong variants until they will get the revelation :).

Here's the thing. I used to store all my brushes together in 1 big jar. It became a problem once I started to have too many of them to fit in 1 jar, so I got another one, BUT unlike all the normal people I was sorting them in those jars in all the wrong ways. I would split them like this:
  • dirty brushes go in 1 jar, clean  in the other one, or
  • synthetic brushes go in 1 jar, natural - in the other, or
  • one particular brand goes in 1 jar, others - in the other, or
  • most used ones go in 1 jar, the rest - in the other.
That resulted in me always trying to find the smallest brushes among the thick big ones for the face and failing like an idiot (doh!), because they were impossible to see among the fat brush heads of the face brushes just because they are super skinny and usually can be even shorter than others (Wayne Goss tiny brush for tightlining, I'm talking about you here!). So, I figured why not just put all the small/eye brushes into 1 jar and all the big ones - in the other? YES! Finally, since then my life has changed to the better dramatically. I can now easily find/see any of the smallest brushes I have in no time. And, as a bonus, I stopped being an idiot in storing my brushes.

I know, this is funny. Yes, go ahead, throw tomatos at me, I know! But if you're like me, you might want to try the trick too, and judging by the pictures online, I bet I'm not the only one :). So give this super simple trick a go and let me know how it works for you.

I hope this post was... if not useful, than, at least, fun to read :). Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day.

...By the way, this is my FOTD (not of today though, but the other day...) with simple neutral eyes and bright pink-coral summer lips.

Summer FOTD: Neutral Eyes + Bright Lips

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