Thursday, September 17, 2015

Painting - Part 7. Bottles And Flowers

Bottles and flowers

Here comes the latest painting of mine. When I've chosen the photo of what I was going to paint on that master class I wasn't quite sure that I'd cope in just 4 hours (that's how long the master class is): too many objects to focus on and paint, especially given it is see-through glass + flowers, and I'm only learning and have never tried to paint any see-through jars (apart from the one here which was a very simple one). Anyway, I decided to take a risk and if I won't have enough time I'd just finish it during some next master class whenever that would happen. But... surprisingly, I did manage to finish it within 4 hours (yaaay!), and I really like how it turned out :), which is a rare thing, I must admit.

To me it looks quite minimalistic because of the soft color scheme but still interesting, because there is a lot to look at. Below is a little glimpse of the whole process of creating it. hope you enjoy!

Dat happy face :)

This photo is more true to the real color of my painting as it was taken with a different camera

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination: Review, Swatches And 3 Looks Using It

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Happy day, lovelies! It's been a while since any updates on the blog from me. But I am ready to make it up for you by sharing my review, swatches and a few looks using a gorgeous LE Chanel palette.

We are talking about this year's Chanel Travel Makeup Palette in Destination. Now, I won't lie I have a soft spot for Chanel makeup. And this palette was a pain to get but I wanted it so badly I went out of my way to get it and I am soooo happy now that I have it. I got it from Nordstrom and it should have been available in duty free stores also. It is a piece of art. Just pure joy to look at, to use and to wear.

Now, the packaging of it is a typical gorgeous Chanel one of a decent size yet still so compact it almost fits on the palm of my hand (and I have quite small-ish palms). It comes in a lovely velvet pouch with a palette itself and a mini-size mascara. Just perfect, right?

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

All you need is your foundation + concealer and powder, if the color in the palette doesn't match you, the rest is there in the palette for you. It has 5 eye-shadows, a blush, a powder, 5 lip colors + mascara.

One thing to note here though Chanel isn't very good at thinking of all possible skin tones so this palette looks best suited for fair to light-medium skinned girls. Because the powder and blush shades are so light and the lip colors again are so light and most sheer they will end up not showing up at all on darker skin tones, sadly. However, if you fall into the light skinned category rejoice because this baby is for you and will make you beautiful and chic.

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

The colors are all neutral and beautiful. The quality of the shadows is very nice: the texture is smooth and easy to blend, they're well pigmented but not crazy pigmented, just perfect to make it easy to work with, stay put and wear nicely, but they perform especially well over a primer. The finish is mostly softly shimmery and satiny. There is only one truly matte shade and that is the darkest one. However, these shades being Chanel have a very elegant shimmer, very fine and not glittery, and it mostly registers as satin to pearl finish on the eyes, which is quite close to almost matte, which makes them very wearable, user friendly and appropriate for any occasion. The powder is so finely milled and silky that I could not see it on the skin. It almost acted as translucent one for me. It is fantastic. The blush is shimmery but again on the skin the shimmer turns into a beautiful glow on the cheeks that just makes them look kissable and healthy. The lip products have lip glosses and 2 lipsticks. All are very sheer and light except for the deepest color. They are very nice on the lips and wear nicely as well. I mean how long can a gloss wear but the lipsticks wear just like any typical Chanel lipstick. The darkest one especially wore for quite a long time for me. I was impressed as I didn't expect it to wear so long. The mascara is really nice but nothing super special for me, however it is very good for separation and length, though not for volume. But it is a good mascara that feels weightless on the lashes.

I won't talk about the applicators because I don't think they're much fun to talk about, but they are there for you and can totally work in lack of brushes or time.

Below you can see the swatches, but, please, keep in mind that they were taken in a different lighting. It is artificial lighting. For this reason I took a picture of the palette next to the swatches for comparison under the same lighting. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to figure out the colors. Pictures of swatches have been taken with slightly different angles so that you could see the colors and finishes better.

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination: swatches as they appear in the palette (except for the powder, which is on the bottom and just does not show up on my skin at all, it is pretty much the same, but the swatch is there :) )

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination: swatches as they appear in the palette, except for the powder which just doesn't show up on my skin

Now here are a few looks that I created using it:
1. Super natural light peachy almost no-makeup makeup look.
2. All occasions daytime appropriate neutral look.
3. Bold and bright evening makeup that's quite fall appropriate.

3 Looks Using Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Everything that you see on my face, except for foundation, concealer and powder (apart from the last look, where I did even use the powder from the palette) is from the palette. That includes blush, eye shadows, brow color (yep, it is the darkest eye shadow), liner (eye shadow used in place of it), mascara and lip colors. I just wanted to show you how much this palette can do and in how many directions it can take you in terms of looks. Isn't it great? It is perfect for traveling. Nothing more to add here. I have a palette crush... :).

Below are closer looks at those makeup looks.

Super Natural Light-peachy No-Makeup Look Using Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Neutral Daytime All Occasions Look Using Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

Bright Maroon-Mauve-ish Evening Look Using Chanel Travel Makeup Palette 2015 in Destination

As you can see this palette is pretty versatile while still compact, travel- and user-friendly.

Hope this review was helpful. Let me know if you have or want to get this palette. What are your thoughts on it? I'd love to hear them.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your time. It means a lot to me. I really appreciate it :).