Thursday, September 17, 2015

Painting - Part 7. Bottles And Flowers

Bottles and flowers

Here comes the latest painting of mine. When I've chosen the photo of what I was going to paint on that master class I wasn't quite sure that I'd cope in just 4 hours (that's how long the master class is): too many objects to focus on and paint, especially given it is see-through glass + flowers, and I'm only learning and have never tried to paint any see-through jars (apart from the one here which was a very simple one). Anyway, I decided to take a risk and if I won't have enough time I'd just finish it during some next master class whenever that would happen. But... surprisingly, I did manage to finish it within 4 hours (yaaay!), and I really like how it turned out :), which is a rare thing, I must admit.

To me it looks quite minimalistic because of the soft color scheme but still interesting, because there is a lot to look at. Below is a little glimpse of the whole process of creating it. hope you enjoy!

Dat happy face :)

This photo is more true to the real color of my painting as it was taken with a different camera

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