Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Joy of Customized Z Palettes

My Z Palettes

If you've ever dreamt of and searched for a perfect palette and know all the sorrows and disappointments of buying yet another palette, which is not quite what you expected, and know the pain of owning a lot of great palettes that you like but just are not in love with, then you'll understand why I'm about to rave about these beautiful customized Z palettes.

Yes, Z palettes are a way to go for you. There are tons of places where you can buy them nowadays. You buy them empty and fill them in with whatever single shadows (or blushes, or powders, or anything really) you want, whether it be by purchasing individual eyeshadows or by depotting the shadows that you already have into one palette getting rid of all the needless extra packaging. The best thing about these palettes is that you get to HAND PICK each product you put in there and arrange all of them in the way that is suitable for you. Can there be anything better? Plus, you can always change the contents or re-arrange the shadows as you wish.

Now, I do have to say that I have seen in many videos and have read in many blog posts that there are people out there (and, surprisingly, there are a lot of them) that have those Z palettes filled and they don't use them, or don't love them, or the colors in them are just not their favorite, and these palettes end up just sitting somewhere in the back of the makeup drawer collecting dust. Honestly, this really surprises me. How can you not take advantage of these palettes and not make them your favorite? If you don't love the colors in them or don't use them, get rid of them or re-arrange them, or depot the shadows you love and use in them. It is so fantastic that you get to create your own palette picking out every favorite color you want that it is foolish not to exploit this opportunity.

That being said if you don't put just random colors that you don't care about in there, but actually fill your palettes with what sparks joy in you, you WILL LOVE them with your whole heart.

Below are 2 of my Z palettes: one is, obviously, neutral with a mixture of mattes (9 mattes) and shimmers, duochromes and pearls (13 non-mattes), and the other one is colorful with mostly shimmers, duochromes, foiled shadows (12 non-mattes) and just a few mattes (3 mattes). I arranged the colors in the way that works for me, so that when I look at them I'd feel the creative juices flowing and get inspired to create many harmonious looks. The shadows are from Inglot and Makeup Geek and both of the blushes are from Makeup Geek as well.

My neutral Z palette

My colorful Z palette

My neutral Z palette

Here is a list of colors in this palette from top left to bottom right:
1. Inglot eyeshadow in Matte 351
2. Inglot eyeshadow in Matte 352
3. MUG eyeshadow in Beaches and Cream
4. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 395
5. MUG duochrome eyeshadow in Rockstar
6. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 397
7. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 393
8. MUG eyeshadow in Barcelona Beach
9. Inglot eyeshadow in Matte 360
10. Inglot eyeshadow in Matte 363
11. Inglot eyeshadow in D.S. 461
12. MUG eyeshadow in Moondust
13. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 402
14. MUG eyeshadow in Taupe Notch
15. MUG eyeshadow in Unexpected
16. Inglot eyeshadow in Matte 378
17. Inglot eyeshadow in AMC 63
18. MUG eyeshadow in Twilight
19. MUG eyeshadow in Prom Night
20. Inglot eyeshadow in AMC 53
21. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 434
22. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 420
23. MUG blush in Honeymoon

My colorful Z palette

And here are the colors from this palette:
1. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Whimsical
2. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Highwire
3. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Daydreamer
4. MUG duochrome eyeshadow in Blacklight
5. Inglot eyeshadow in Pearl 445
6. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Caitlin Rose
7. MUG eyeshadow in Duchess
8. MUG duochrome eyeshadow in Mai Tai
9. MUG eyeshadow in Cupcake
10. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Showtime
11. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Mesmerised
12. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Charmed
13. MUG duochrome eyeshadow in Typhoon
14. MUG foiled eyeshadow in Houdini
15. MUG eyeshadow in Corrupt
16. MUG blush in Head Over Heals

And at the end of this post just to summarize everything I'd like to point out 10 benefits of a Z palette. If you are still hesitating to get it keep on reading :) :

  • opportunity to select any size of a Z palette (they come in many sizes)
  • ease of travelling with them
  • ability to hand pick each color and finish for the palette and create your own palette
  • ability to re-arrange colors as you like and when you like
  • ability to change the contents of your palette as you wish
  • chance to depot eyeshadows from other palettes or singles into one place
  • choice to put not just the eyeshadows but any other products or even a mixture of them into the Z palettes
  • way to become more organized and get rid of unnecessary packaging when depotting from other palettes or single eyeshadows
  • chance to create as many palettes with different color schemes and finishes as you want
  • the joy of having a personalized palette created by you and for you :)

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring to someone. Please, share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day.


  1. I think it's realy may be very usefull, when you can fill your palett with colors, whitch you need.
    If i could think of buing them, i'll choose two sizes. One small and one middle. Big one can be used as some cind of store, if you have lots of shadows:).
    Nice Colorfull Z Palette Set!
    Good job, honey!;)

    1. I'm thinking about getting a small one too stricktly for traveling )). Thank you for commenting, honey :-*.