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Wayne Goss Brushes - The Face Set: Review

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

I am so excited to bring you this review! I recently purchased the new brush set from Wayne Goss, the Face Set, and I am in love with it. I've already raved about his first collection here, so it's no surprise I'd keep doing that with this brush set :). The price tag was $265, but I can already tell you it's worth every penny.

Here's how the set looked when it came to me and I removed all the extra packaging.

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

It came in a black Beautylish canvas pouch with a tube of brushes inside. Inside the tube the brushes were wrapped in a pretty polka-dotted paper (super cute). The tube had a red label on it saying 'Wayne Goss. The Face Set. Handcrafted in Japan and some other details blah-blah...'. I removed that sticker, because I know what's inside. Oh, it also had a piece of paper with instructions on how to clean and care for your brushes inside the tude, which is always nice to have.

Anyway, I thought that the tube would be some flimsy cardboard thing that was only good for throwing away, but NOOOOO. It is actually really sturdy and can totally be used for storing your brushes or for travelling, which was a very nice surprise for me. I really like it. It fits all the brushes nicely and has room for a few more smaller brushes. Perfect for travelling.

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

The set itself contains 6 multi-purpose face brushes that are made of natural hair but are cruelty free. Here is how the brushes look like. They are numbered 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 from left to right in the picture below.

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

Wayne Goss. The Face Set

Now, like I already said these brushes are so universal and smartly shaped that you can use each and every one of them to do more than 1 thing. They are all multi-purpose. So, there are no rules in how to use them, you can use them however you want. For this reason, I won't ramble too long about it but just mention a few key features of the brushes and how I personally prefer to use them.

Key characteristics of the WG brushes:

  1. fantasticaly soft, the softest ones I have ever tried in my life
  2. perfectly shaped and very well thought out
  3. multi-functional
  4. made of natural bristles
  5. cruelty free
  6. handcrafted by Japanese artisans
  7. wash nicely, but take slightly longer to dry because of the natural hair
  8. almost no shedding and no bleeding (I'll comment more on that further down)
  9. hold the pigment incredibly
  10. distribute the products on the face perfectly for a flawless finish
  11. very well-made, sturdy and highest quality
  12. beautifully designed visually and functionally and a joy to use
  13. reletively short handles and easy to hold in your hand
  14. mostly suited for, but not limited to, using with powder products

A few things to note on shedding. I've seen in many reviews that people are complaining about horrible shedding of some of these brushes, especially the white one for foundation, so I want to share my experience in that. When I first used the white brush it did shed like crazy, leaving a few hairs with foundation on my face, which is kind of gross, I almost got depressed. In addition, one or two other brushes left a few hairs on my face too, but it was nothing compared to the white brush. However, after I washed all the brushes throroughly and dried them, I didn't experience this shedding issue anymore, maybe just 1 or 2 small random hairs from the white brush the next 1 or 2 times. Now, nothing sheds for me anymore, and I am using those brushes every single day, so shedding is not an issue for me right now.

Now let me share with you the main uses for each of these brushes. Again, this is based strictly on my personal experience and preferences. You can use them for more than this.

Main uses:

Brush #10:
- foundation, especially liquid one, it distributes and blends it in seconds, however, for other types of foundation, like wax-based cream ones or powder ones that require more of a buffing in motion, something like a buffing brush would be better suited. This does not mean you can't use it for those foundations, I just find it works better for liquid foundations or BB creams rather than something more thick or solid.

Brush #11:
- powder (it's the biggest brush with perfect density for it)
- all-over light bronzer
- blush

Brush #12:
- any product that has poor pigmentation or just when I want to build up the coverage or pigment as this brush is the densest one
- setting powder or powder foundation
- blush

Brush #13:
- powder or mineral foundation
- setting powder
- contour
- blush
- bronzer

Brush #14:
- any highly pigmented product because it is the most wispy brush of all
- highlighter, it is PERFECT for that
- blush
- bronzer
- removing fallout from the eye shadows

Brush # 15:
- removing fallout from the eye shadows
- highlighter

I think that the real star of this set for me is, surprisingly, not the #13 brush, that everyone would suggest, but the #14. It is indeed unique and I haven't seen anything like that, nor do I have anything like it. It just does not move any makeup underneath. I did not expect to be using it so often. Now I cannot imagine my life without it.

My 2 favourite brushes from this set are #11 and #14, but all brushes are fantastic. Overall, I just want to say that Wayne Goss brushes are my dream brushes. I've already said that before, but they really are.

If you have this set, please, share your thoughts on it in the comments. I hope this review was helpful and thank you for your time :).

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