Monday, January 11, 2016

Painting - Part 9. Portrait. Oil

Bria Blessing. Portrait
I have never tried to paint or even just draw a portrait neither with a pencil, nor with any paints. Never in my life in any shape or form. Also, usually oil portraits take a lot of time to be painted: a few days to a few weeks, plus you need to practice drawing portraits with a pencil for at least a few months before even trying to do it with oil. Well, I ain't got so much time :). I only had 4 hours of the workshop. So I thought I'd just go ahead and try it with oil. Considering all that the result is not so stunning as maybe it should have been. After all it was the very first time in my life ever that I've tried to create a portrait, but I think it is decent enough not to be ashamed of it.

By the way, the portrait is of my very very dear friend, who is an extremely talented musicial, song-writer and singer, and just a totally amazing girl I've known for almost 18 years, Bria Blessing. This portrait was a gift to her for Christmas. She loved it and even recognized herself :)! So hopefully it wasn't so bad for a first try. It's not an exact copy or picture of her, which it shouldn't really be anyway, but I enjoyed painting it nevertheless. Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Portrait of Bria Blessing

Portrait of Bria Blessing

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